Downloading YouTube Movies

The videos in the PPTs are .mov (Quicktime) files. If you don't have quicktime, you can download it here -

If the videos don't work in the ppt, you have the URLs on the blog and in the google doc. I use to convert videos from the web.

The above suggestions come from Jon Mundorf, the course designer. This is what he shares with instructors if there are any problems. Let me know if it works for you!!

There are quite a few ways to do this.

First there are online sites such as Bestube and KeepVid that allows you to paste in the link of a page for a video on YouTube, Google Video and some other video sites and then press a button and it will prompt you to download the video directly.

If you use the Firefox web browser, there is also and add-on that will download a video on the current page with a single click.

The drawback of these methods is that the videos will be in FLV format which can only be played by certain applications such as FLV Player. They can also be played in a web browser if you have Flash installed but it's kind of clunky to work with.

There are also stand-alone applications that will allow you to download the movie to your hard drive, and then it automatically converts it into a more widely used video format such as MPEG and most can even automatically format the movie to play perfectly on your iPod and automatically add the video to iTunes. If you have Windows you can do this with Ares Tube. If you have a Mac you can use PodTube or TubeTV.
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