What is UDL?
I think it's about teaching students in a different way.
It's about teaching in a different way using various forms of technology.
Don't worry, you don't have to drastically change what you are already doing.
It provides a variety of methods to reach more students.
The students seem engaged and find the variety of activities interesting.
Variety and choice result in motivating our students.
It reaches students of all learning abilities and diversities.
As a teachers it provides flexibility for me to empower my students with their learning.
I can't wait to try some multimedia activities and incorporate UDL into my lessons.
Traci Laura Stephanie

Maria and Lyndsay:
Mario and Shyla’s conversation:

Mario: Yo! My child keeps coming home and saying that he is doing a lot of UDL in his classroom. What is this nonsense?

Shyla: UDL is a great way to get to all the students. It allows the teacher to use different ways to gain the attention of all her students.

Mario: What is UDL? Is it code?

Shyla: HA HA, it means Universal Design for Learning. What else would you like to know?

Mario:So it is a book?

Shyla: No, it is a way for teachers to use technology or other ways to reach all learners. It is different resources that the teacher uses for her lesson.

Mario:Oh. So my child sits at home in front of a computer all day, and now he does it in school too?

Shyla: No, him being on the computer is only a portion. It is teacher lead instruction which uses multiple means of technology.

Mario: Wow, that it is cool. I wish I was still in school! Thanks for that information! Have a great day!

"Hello, floor 73, please," John said.

Martha pushed the button and the doors closed.

"What college is abbreviated UDL?" Matha asked, noticing John's sweatshirt.

"It's actually not a college, it's a great new way of educating children."

"Oh, I'm not interested in that, I love the old ways of educating youth."

"Don't worry, UDL isn't scary. It's meant to create a better learning environment."

Martha looked unconvinced. "How?"

"You examine the individual differences in your students and figure out how best to teach them."

"That doesn't sound too revolutionary, that's what I've always done as a teacher."

"Exactly!" John said excitedly. "UDL is an approach to teaching, and many teachers over the years have shared this same approach. UDL just emphasizes the need to consider students with special learning needs."

"That sounds great to me. Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Only that UDL seeks to use the latest technologies."

"I'm not sure I agree with that. I don't like new technologies. What I use in the classroom is just fine."

"I think you do like new technologies."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I--"

John cut off Martha, "Stop saying 'no you don't'. I can prove that you do like new technologies."


"You're in an elevator aren't you?"

"Yes, so what?"

"An elevator is a new technology. If you hate new technology then you should use the old technology called the stairs."

"I'm not walking up 75 floors."

"Why? Because it's too hard?"

"Yes," Martha said simply.

"So you're using new technology to make your life easier and more enjoyable?"


"Ha! Then UDL is perfect for you. That's all UDL does, makes use of the latest technology to make students' lives easier."

"Fine, I agree with you. I'll give UDL a try."

"Great. What was that?"


"I heard a noise. I think it was a cable snapping."

"At least I've learned about UDL before I'm flattened."

--Written by Adam, inspired by David Cochran


UDL is the big idea
Bottom to top
Incorporating criteria
Based on the needs of the children

Reaching all kids through accommodations
Capitalizing on their learning style
Is the situation

Flexibility is the key
engage all students
and you will see

Representation, expression and engagement are the main ideas
Consider them in your planning
Because our world is ever changing