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Zone of Proximal Development
The Four as text Protocol
Top Ten Tips-Teaching
Math in Movies
House of representatives: Msproat
Standards Aligned system: free websites and resources and lessons that pertain to standards

*Site to hold & categorize multiple sites for student use.
Give students a guest password. Visit mine by entering LECHMAN as guest.

*Check out

*An interesting look at our world - "Shift Happens":*

Video & song for Adding Doubles + 1

Interactive Poster
Live Binder: a path finder
Media Converter- save YouTube videos
My Story Maker

Education 2.0: The Best Online Productivity Tools for School!
Mystickies – “sticky notes” that stay on a web page is one of the items available on this site.

Web Tools for Educators

Diigo group that sends updates and bookmarks that can be helpful for teachers:
Directions for subscribing if you would like to:

Login/or create an account
Type: Web tools for educators into the search bar at the top right
On the left side: click on the tab for Community Library
Scroll down while looking on the right Look for:

Groups interested in web tool...

It should be at the top of that list – click on link
Look to right for: Apply to join this group button
Click on how often you would like to get updates from the group

Web Applications Index:

Stay ahead of your students... Don't let them copy your test!

Sophisticated, yet accessible introduction to and overview of atomic theory and particle physics for high school students (15, 2-4 minute segments)

Rubric Maker